Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I left my heart…

After the beach house we drove up to Joel’s parents house to visit for a weeks or so. It happened to be the week of our five year anniversary and we were privileged enough to drop Norah off with Joel’s brother’s family and go stay in San Francisco for a couple of days. We almost forgot what it felt like to sleep in. Almost.

We had a blast. We got to eat yummy food together, go on walks and we even got to see a movie!  The highlight though was definitely the GoCar.  We saw a couple of them whizzing around the city the first night we were there and on a whim decided to rent one for a few hours the next day.  It was hilarious (and only a little dangerous)!  We could not stop laughing the entire time. It was great because we were able to see parts of the city we had never seen before.  The cars have GPS tours and guide you around while telling you about what you are seeing.  You can also go off the tour and just drive around.  These things are street legal though- you are literally driving in this miniature, three-wheeled car on the same street with buses and trolley cars!  If you ever are in a city where these are available- do it!  Here are some pics…


Getting suited up


My stud muffin


The GoCar


The drivers


A view from the road


Isn’t he handsome?!!


Trying to look cool with my helmet… not pulling it off.


One of our many scenic stops

The End

The last few glorious days at the beach Joel, Norah and I spent in bliss. We relaxed, we found our own little private beach that we visited everyday, Joel golfed, I read books in the sun, we even drove down the coast to Big Sur and ate at the famous (to the Crockett family) Nepenthes. The food was overpriced but the view was unparalleled. Needless to say we were sad to leave…


The view from the restaurant


Norah’s favorite game was throwing rocks into the water with Dad


It doesn’t get much better…


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Part Three

One by one my family had to pack up and leave.  Unfortunately for them, on the day the last car pulled out the weather turned gorgeous.  Joel and I got to stay there for another five days! We lived it up...

We rented a surrey and biked along the coast... hilarious!

June2009 524-1

June2009 522-1

A stop to look at the sealions

June2009 518-1

June2009 511-1

Higgs had to stay back at the beach house... poor guy.

Only one more beach post. I promise.

Part Two

One of the highlights of the trip was our visit to The Monterey Bay Aquarium.  It is one of the biggest and best in the world... the kids were in heaven. Well, most of the kids.  Norah loved it but she was so tired from all the excitement that we had a few mishaps...

Exhibit A: The Touchpools

June2009 456-1

If you look closely, in the back left of this picture there is a starfish, a live starfish.  Norah was enjoying herself, touching the seaweed and the abalone when she suddenly noticed a bright orange star that she just had to have.  If any of you have been to the aquarium, this one in particular, you will know that everyone there is very animal rights friendly, save the Earth and our Oceans, etc., etc. Not that there is anything wrong with that.  Is just makes it all the worse when the following occurs:

Norah picks the starfish up out of the water.

Me: (horrified because people are staring) "Norah, we don't pick that up- it needs to stay in the water.  You can touch it but please put it back."

Norah: "Nooooo!"

Me: "Put it in the water, Norah"

She tightens her grip on the starfish.

At this point I give up trying to talk to her and try to get it out of her hands. She does not want to let the it go.  We are wrestling with it when she finally decides that she will take charge and she proceeds to take it and hurl it on the ground!

I am mortified and people are giving me the "why can't that woman control her child look".  I scramble to pick up the starfish, hoping that it is still alive, put it back into the pool, grab Norah and book it out of there expecting security to stop me at any moment. Luckily we weren't arrested for a starfish murder.

That was just one of the many fun moments!

June2009 463

Emma and Norah

June2009 480-1

Norah and Jonas in the whale exhibit

June2009 493-1

The seahorse exhibit was one of the favorites!

The next day, Kassy and I took the kids to Dennis the Menace Park.  It is a massive park in Monterey with paddle boats and all the works- need I say more?

June2009 501-1

Where's Norah?

June2009 504-1

The roller slide was definitely the favorite

June2009 506-1

Still more to come...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

To the Beach!

Right after Zion we headed northwest to the most beautiful place on Earth- the beach house!  Joel's parents were kind enough to let the McGlochlin clan crash their house in Pacific Grove, CA... what a week! Carmel, Monterey, 17-mile drive, Point Lobos, The Aquarium and Dennis the Menace Park to name a few. Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate when everyone was there but we still had a blast. This post will have to be done in parts...

June2009 306-1_edited

The Clan

June2009 309-1

The Girls

June2009 310-1

The Guys

June2009 320-1

Kassy and family

June2009 331-1

Blake and Bryndie

June2009 344-1

June2009 367-1

A walk on the beach

June2009 394-1

Hiking at Point Lobos

June2009 388-1 June2009 414

Emma and Jonas

June2009 403-1 June2009 397-1

Grandpa and Jo Jo - Blake and the girls

June2009 424 June2009 431

Views from the hike - are you kidding me?!

June2009 422-1

Norah wasn't a fan of the hiking backpack

June2009 434

To be continued...

On the Road Again...

After a few days in Utah we hit the road and drove south to St. George to visit Cami, Jay and family over Memorial Day weekend.  We ate out, swam and got in some good hanging out time.  Norah was in heaven with the five boys that were there.  She couldn't quite keep all their names straight so every time she saw one of them she would say "Hi Boy!"  We were even able to see Great Grandpa and Grandma Kramer!  Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures... What were we thinking?!

On our last day of the trip Joel, Norah and I drove to Zion National Park to see the sites.  The weather was gorgeous and the scenery breathtaking.  Here are a few of the moments we captured:

June2009 227-1

A shot from the road

June2009 240-1

Norah, ready to start the hike

June2009 258-1

June2009 253-1 

June2009 267-1

June2009 268-1

A rattlesnake on the trail!

June2009 285-1

Waiting for the shuttle after having a snack

June2009 264-1 

June2009 296-1

June2009 290-1

Are we done yet?

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Last Hoorah

Joel graduated from medical school on May 15th and didn't start his residency until June 23rd.  We were the lucky ones that weren't trying to move and settle into a new city like all of our friends so we decided to take an extended vacation, one last hoorah before the real job and real life started.  We were able to do so much and see most all of our family!  I will post this in parts because there is so much tell...

We began in Utah, I flew out with Norah and Joel drove with his brother Tyler and Higgins (he wasn't about to take an18th month old on a 20 hour drive). Tyler and his wife Kristin were generous enough to let us stay at their house for a few days. One of the highlights was a trip to Thanksgiving Point to see the farm animals with my sister Kassy and her kids and Kristin and the kids.  Norah was spoiled with cousins from both sides! The horses were the highlight...

June2009 149-1

June2009 156-1

Jonas with a his tough guy face

June2009 141-1

Miss horse herself, Emma. She is obsessed.

June2009 179-1

Lauren and her famous picture smile

June2009 193-1

Charlotte, the most photogenic kid alive... These were taken in Tyler and Kristin's masterpiece- their backyard.  It is massive and beautiful.

June2009 212-1

The boys- Seth and Carden

June2009 222-1

The other bulldog- Higgs cousin Angus. He's twice the size of Higgins!