Wednesday, April 28, 2010

hop, hop…

I know, I am behind. Here are shots of some of our Easter festivities:

We took the kids to the Oakland House in Affton. It was pretty classic. There were old ladies in dresses straight out of “Gone With the Wind” who led the kids around the house to various stops. First it was an Easter puppet show, followed by a live bunny petting. After that they got to make an Easter craft and finally, they got to see the Easter bunny himself….

133-1 101-1


The entire house was decorated with bunnies, chicks and eggs- no shortage of Easter paraphernalia.

The Oakland House was followed by an Easter Egg Hunt with about 30 kids from the ward- it was madness- but fun!



And finally, Easter morning, after the Easter Bunny had hopped by.



We  listened to General Conference and had some good friends over for dinner that evening. It was a great day!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Oh the joys of having a two-year-old. Norah is at the cutest age right now.  I constantly find myself having to discipline her while trying not to laugh.  Here are a few of the latest examples:

The other morning I walked into the dining area and Norah had just finished eating her cereal. She was dunking Cinderella in her milk.

Me: “Norah, let’s don’t put Cinderella in the milk because it makes her all sticky.”

Norah: “Mom, she’s getting baptized.”

What do you say to that?!

Last Sunday we were driving home from church and I was talking to her about not pushing kids in nursery and being kind to them like Jesus is. I asked:

“Do you want to be like Jesus, Norah?”

She replies, “No, I’m Noh-Nohs” (what she calls herself)

Well okay then…

Today, as I was trying to get ready to take us all to a doctors appt, I walked out of  my room and found this:



Dog tattoo? Couldn’t keep a straight face as I was telling her “no!” on this one! Poor Higgs.

Note to self: don’t buy non-washable markers ever again.

Life with a two-year-old is crazy but she sure is making it fun!