Sunday, May 30, 2010


The Crockett clan has already seen most of these but for the rest of you, we finally got our picture taken as a family.  It helps that we have an amazing photographer in the family but it’s hard when she lives 2000 miles away. Thanks Mandi, (yes we are both named Mandi Crockett) these are perfect!


william ship 1171

william ship 1200

william ship 1108

william ship 404

william ship 353


william ship 1056

william ship 158

william ship 1184

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Good Night Ezra

This is one of Norah's favorite games to play with Ezra. She reads or tells him a story, lays him down on a pillow, puts a blanket on him, tells him "Good Night" and walks out of the room. Then she comes back in, lifts him up and starts all over.

In this scene, she begins by reading him a story. She puts on a "comfy blanket" and leaves the room. On the second round she wakes him up with "good morning", tells him a "princess Noh-nohs story" (part of our nightly bedtime routine) complete with a castle and a walk through the forest. Ezra (sometimes) loves the attention!

p.s.- please ignore the mess

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I heart spring.

Here are a few recent shots of the kids. Some are from the Missouri Botanical Gardens- one of my favorites places in St. Louis- it’s all azalea-ed right now. And some are from right in our own backyard. Spring this year has been amazing- very mild, lovely, love it.







They are both at the cutest ages right now, (I think I’ve said that at every age) but seriously, they are. I just want to eat them up!