Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The Easter bunny visited our house on Sunday morning and Norah got her first experience with eggs, baskets, candy (too much!), new dresses and Easter grass.  We did a quick "find the Easter basket" game, let her sift through her things, took pictures and then it was off to Stake Conference where we were privileged to hear Elder Oaks and President Monson speak via satellite- that was the real highlight of the day. Although watching Norah prance around in her dress was pretty cute.

 IMG_6607-1   IMG_6637-1

We could not get her to smile for anything- this was the closest we got.





Later that evening, we had a few friends over for a traditional Easter dinner and an Easter egg hunt in the backyard afterwards!  All in all it was a fantastic Easter...

IMG_6678-1 IMG_6685-1

Norah found an egg! And we all loved Emily's Elmo Easter basket!


IMG_6707-1 IMG_6676-1

Caleb and Tyler filler their baskets!

Friday, April 10, 2009


So I am WAY behind on posting this and most of you have already heard but I will share anyway.  March 19th was match day for Joel and his fellow Class of 2009 med students.  Match day is this crazy day where everyone's fates are revealed with the tear of an envelope.  You could almost taste the anxiety in the air.  Nobody should have to go through this.  Joel's name was near the bottom of the list and as he went up front to get his envelope my butterflies started going (I can't imagine what Joel was going through). He took WAY to long to get back to us, ripped open the envelope and then all was revealed...



Joel matched in Dermatology at Wright State in Dayton, OH!

He is doing his transition year here in St Louis at St John's Hospital and then it's off to OH for us. We never thought we would mid westerners for 8 years but are happy and excited for this next venture in our lives.

We are SOOOOOO incredibly proud of Joel.  Dermatology was one of the hardest residencies to get into this year.  Only 2 of the 4 in his class that were applying to derm matched.  He has worked so hard these past four years and pretty much hated every minute of it. His hard work definitely paid off. We love you Joel!!!


We've also had some other exciting news... we went in for our ultrasound on March 28th and found out we are having a boy!  Our little guy is due Aug 22nd and we cannot wait to meet him! If anyone has any good name suggestions please share- we are at a total loss for boy names...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some Things Never Change.

Higgins can still make Norah laugh harder than anyone else...

(this is kind of long but I couldn't figure out how to just put in a clip)