Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Joel and I got up one Saturday morning a few weeks ago and decided we wanted an adventure.  The weather wasn't too pretty so we decided to make the 20 minute drive out to the Butterfly House and see what we could see.  It was pretty amazing.  Butterflies of all shapes and sizes flitting and floating around your head while you walk through a tropical rainforest. There were some other rather disturbing exhibits as well... a very large glass display of the biggest cockroaches I have ever seen, tarantulas, HUGE worms (these things could've been on King Kong!)... you get the picture.  All in all, it was a great adventure!




IMG_8976-1 IMG_8983-2


2 Months

He's a growing boy...over 14 lbs... and in the 94th percentile for weight!  We couldn't love the little chunk more.  Look at that sweet face!




We love you little boy!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Girls Day In.

Norah has been loving all things princess lately and so one afternoon, when her brother was in one of those deep newborn sleeps, Norah and I decided to play princess.  We fashioned crowns out of paper and dug around in my closet and jewelry box for our get-ups.  We paraded around the house and couldn't stop looking in the mirror at how pretty we were. We ended the event with a princess tea party! Oh to be a little girl again...





Saturday, October 3, 2009


Here are some recent pics we have taken of Norah and Ezra.  It is amazing how fast they grow!  Norah is losing all of her "babyness" and Ezra is a chunk!  My six-week-old looks like he is 3 months! 

Norah is starting to say some of the funniest things! Her favorite movie right now is Toy Story 2.  Yesterday I was feeding Ezra and Norah was in the other room playing with play dough.  Out of nowhere I hear a voice from the kitchen shouting, "Yard sale, Woody, yard sale!"  I about peed my pants laughing.

Some other Norahisms:

She LOVES to sing and is constantly talking a tune (doesn't quite have the melody thing down yet).  The song she sings most: The Barney Song

In Norah:

Wuv you (I love you)

Wuv me (You love me)

a happy fam-ma-me (We're a happy family)

blanky hug (with a great big hug)

kiss me a you (and a kiss from me to you)

say you wuv me too (Won't you say you love me too)


She loves "cold doodles" (any type of pasta noodle with no sauce)


Any word that has the "eerie" sound it in she will take and repeat that sound before she finishes- just for fun: cereal is cerea-erea-ereal and ariel is arie-arie-arie-ariel - the number of times she does it varies and sometimes she won't do it at all- hilarious!


Ezra at one week


six weeks- our other bulldog!



Norah likes to share her toys... wonder how long it will last.





These are for Grandma Vicki... she's in her princess skirt and her "fairy godbrother" shirt!