Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Ezra turned ONE on August 18th! Somehow it goes by so much faster with your second. Here is his first year in review…




IMG_9223-1[7] IMG_9365-1


IMG_0149-1 IMG_0435-1 

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Favorite foods- watermelon! You and your daddy can finish off an entire one by yourselves in one sitting! Beans of all kinds, cheese, fruit, fruit, fruit.

Lover of stairs (too bad you can’t go down them by yourself yet!)

One legged crawler (hilarious)

Words he (attempts to) can say: ba-ba (vacuum), ba (ball), cckkkaaa (clock), be be (baby), ba ba (bye-bye, a subtle difference between his ba ba for vacuum!), da da, wuff wuff (dog).

Animal sounds he can make (these are the cutest): oooooo (wolf), ah-ah (monkey), bababa (chicken), ba (sheep), owww (cat), cack cack (duck), fish lips, bop-bop (bunny), raaaar (lion) and of course wuff, wuff for dogs.

He loves:



music and dancing.

taking things out and putting them back in.

pushing and walking.

his sister (most of the time!)

smiling and laughing.

the bath.

We are so incredibly blessed to have you in our family little boy.  You light up our home with your sweet spirit. You are calm yet feisty when you really care about something. You make all of us smile everyday.  You are adorable. You couldn’t be more loved. Happy Birthday Ezra!

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Caroline Brock said...

Seriously. This was supposed to be my child. How cute is he?? Aaron, Meredith and I are at the kitchen table oohing and ahhing over him while we eat breakfast. Can't wait to see you guys in October!